Artisan Tile & Stone is an Atlanta based Takeoff/Estimating Service, specializing in working with local/regional companies in Granite, Marble, Tile, Solid Surface and Flooring Industries.

Services include:

  • Estimates/Bids - Line items specifically tailored to individual client

  • Quantity Takeoffs - Utilizing BidSceen XL and Microsoft Excel

  • Slab Work - Graphically fit fabricated item sizes to selected slabs to ensure correct quantities

  • Submit RFI's - Work with vendors/suppliers listed on plans to secure pricing 

Clients include:

  • Architects/Designers
  • Stone/Ceramic Tile Contractors
  • Fabricators
  • Flooring Companies


A large part of my work as a Stone/Tile contractor for over 15 years in the New York City area, was submitting clear, detailed line item quotes to secure contracts. I am available to work on project basis and can provide the same skill and experience to help your business increase sales. References available.